Malta MRVP Application Procedure

Malta Residency and Visa Program is very popular and easy way to Europe.

It costs you only € 147,000.

Malta Permanent Residency Requirements are as below:
Principal applicant:

1) Over 18 years old and non-EU citizen
2) An annual income of Euro 100,000 or proof of assets of Euro 500,000
3) Purchase government bonds for Euro 250,000 OR Euro 80,000 as financing and rent a property for Euro 10,000 per annum for 5 years
4) No-criminal record
5) Health insurance

1) Children above 18, Unmarried, Financially dependent.
2) No age restriction

Other dependents:
1) Spouse
2) Parents of the principal applicant
3) Parents of the spouse
4) Grandparents of the principal applicant
5) Grandparents of the spouse

Application Procedure:

Before receiving Letter of Approval in Principle

Documents Needed Signature

  • MRVP Service Agreement
  • Power of Attorney (POA)

Receipt of Payment

  • Receipt of Initial Contribution Fee
  • Receipt of Lawyer Fee

Receipt of Document Submission:

Receipt of Initial submission

After receiving Letter of Approval in Principle

Documents Requiring Signature:

  • Loan agreement
  • Authorization Letter
  • Opening of Account Application Form
  • Rent or Purchase Contract

Receipt of Payment

•    Receipt of Purchasing Government Bonds

•    Receipt of Service fee for rental agency

•    Receipt of Rent deposit

•    Receipt of Final Contribution Fee

•    Receipt of Health Insurance Fee

Receipt of Submitting Application:

•Receipt of Final submission

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