Malta MRVP Application Procedure

Application to Malta Residency and Visa Program is as below

malta passport

Malta Permenant Residence

Malta Residency and Visa Program is very popular and easy way to Europe.

It costs you only € 147,000.

Malta Permanent Residency Requirements are as below:
Principal applicant:

1) Over 18 years old and non-EU citizen
2) An annual income of Euro 100,000 or proof of assets of Euro 500,000
3) Purchase government bonds for Euro 250,000 OR Euro 80,000 as financing and rent a property for Euro 10,000 per annum for 5 years
4) No-criminal record
5) Health insurance

1) Children above 18, Unmarried, Financially dependent.
2) No age restriction

Other dependents:
1) Spouse
2) Parents of the principal applicant
3) Parents of the spouse
4) Grandparents of the principal applicant
5) Grandparents of the spouse

Application Procedure:

Before receiving Letter of Approval in Principle

Documents Needed Signature

  • MRVP Service Agreement
  • Power of Attorney (POA)

Receipt of Payment

  • Receipt of Initial Contribution Fee
  • Receipt of Lawyer Fee

Receipt of Document Submission:

Receipt of Initial submission

After receiving Letter of Approval in Principle

Documents Requiring Signature:

  • Loan agreement
  • Authorization Letter
  • Opening of Account Application Form
  • Rent or Purchase Contract

Receipt of Payment

•    Receipt of Purchasing Government Bonds

•    Receipt of Service fee for rental agency

•    Receipt of Rent deposit

•    Receipt of Final Contribution Fee

•    Receipt of Health Insurance Fee

Receipt of Submitting Application:

•Receipt of Final submission

If you are interested in learning more about Malta Residency and Visa Program, please contact our team for a confidential consultation.

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