Ireland Quick Facts

Quick Facts about Ireland

  • Ireland is member of European Union and one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants.
  • Ireland ranks 14th in the Ranking of Happiness according to World Happiness Report 2018.
  • Ireland ranks 4th of the Best countriesfor business 2017 according to data from Forbes.
  • Ireland’s GDP per Capital is $ 72,485, the 2nd highest country in OECD countries.
  • There are more than 700 American enterprises in Ireland.
  • Ireland is second largest destination for American outward FDI and American FDI in Ireland is more than $343 Billions
  • Ireland is home for Global Companies; such as Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Huawei, Pfizer, GSK, Ryanair, Avolon, Amber, Tyndall etc.
  • Social Wellfare on Ireland has very high standards. According to the OECD’s research on “Social Expenditures on family as a percentage of GDP” in 2017: Ireland ranks 6th ; and 3rd in Cash benefit.

Child Benefit •Free GP visit card for children under 6 •Free immunisations for children under 16 • €140 per month for each child under 18

Maternity Benefit •26 weeks maternity leave •€240 per week during maternity leave for 26 weeks •Free medical services during pregnancy and the birth

Family Medical Benefit •Long Term Illness Scheme •Drugs Payment Scheme •Free Cancer Screenings

Elder Benefit •Free GP visit card for elders over 70 •Nursing Home Support Scheme •Free Travel in Ireland for elders over 66

  • Education system in Ireland is British System and Irish Students directly apply to British Schools just as same as British Students.
  • Excellent Science in Ireland,

1st   in the world for knowledge diffusion

3rd   in the world for knowledge andtechnology outputs

3rd   in the world for knowledge impact

7th   most innovative country in the world

  • Ireland has famous High Education Colleges such as Trinity College Dublin and university College Dublin
  • Employment opportunities in Ireland is very high. Every colleges in Ireland have its own Career Office, which help students find good internships and jobs. More than 1000 multinational enterprises in Ireland; Approximately 2000 internships provided every year; Around 30% overseas internships.

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